Webinar on Digital Stories in Nursing Education

Please join Nurstory and StoryCenter on Wednesday, September 19th, at 11am Pacific Time/2pm Eastern Time for a FREE one-hour webinar, Using Digital Stories in Nursing Education.

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In this current era of media overload, personal stories that are honest and emotionally compelling can make important contributions to nursing education, compassion fatigue, and practice. We’ll specifically focus on:

1) Professionalism and the inherent values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice are fundamental to the discipline of nursing

2) Synthesize concepts, including psycho-social dimensions and cultural diversity

3) Health care advocacy (begins by understanding a perspective other than your own)

Then we’ll go over the history of the Nurstory project as well as ideas for and, examples of, the use of Nurstory process and products in Teaching and Learning:

  • Reflective Practice– Prompt students to reflect on a story, promote dialogue, counter narrative, personal exchange and inquiry
  • Student Centered Teaching & Learning – Increases student visibility & voice through reflective practice & sensitivity to diverse perspectives.
  • Inter-professional Collaboration: Create student digital stories (across education & with other health professional students & share).
  • Ethics – Examine nursing ethics & professional practice.
  • Teach & Learn Dialogue versus Discussion – Practice listening, presence, synthesis of perspectives and tell more stories
  • Influence Policy/Nurse Activism – Select a story that might be used to influence policy makers.
  • Research – Thematic analysis across stories to better understand phenomenon of interest.
  • Self-Care – Expression of self for better understanding and shared perspectives.

Since the late 1990s, StoryCenter has been collaborating with public health practitioners, researchers, and grassroots organizers on the development of unique, community-based and technology-based methods (eg, mobile, social media, web) for getting stories out into the world. Nurstory, a project specific to the narratives that nurses carry, was started in 2007.

Join us for an introduction to current thinking on strategies and platforms for creating and utilizing first-person stories of the experiences of nurses.

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