Sue Hagedorn (1945 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II – 

  • Community and peace organizer before and after becoming a nurse
  • Early pediatric and women’s nurse practitioner with focus on adolescent

    Sue Hagedorn

    care and domestic violence

  • First comprehensive school-based high school health center  in Massachusetts
  • Dissertation about Activist Caring
  • Activist Caring published in ANS in 1995: “The politics of caring: The role of activism in primary care.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: More than 20 films about nursing and social justice
  • Co-organizer of the 2018 Nursing Activism Think Tank

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Peggy L Chinn (1941 – )

Inspiration for Activism: Part II.

  • Early advocate for feminist perspectives in nursing.

    Peggy Chinn

  • Founding participant in the founding of “Cassandra: Radical Feminist Nurses Network.
  • Co-founder, with Sue Hagedorn and Richard Cowling, of the NurseManifest Project .
  • Founding Editor of Advances in Nursing Science, providing an avenue for cutting-edge scholarship in nursing since 1978.
  • Author of “Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community.”
  • Participated in establishing the LGBTQIA+ Nursing Section within GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Health Equality.
  • Founder and web manager for, a resource center for reliable LGBTQ+ health information and resources for health care professionals, educators, policy-makers and consumers. The primary mission of the project is to promote high-level wellness for LGBTQ+ people.
  • Co-initiator, with Sue Hagedorn and Adeline Falk-Rafael, of the 2018 Nursing Activism Think Tank to inspire and validate nursing activism.

More Information:
Peggy’s website
NurseEducator Praxis

Reflections on the Nursing Activism Think Tank

Participants in the Think Tank on July 30-31 share brief snippets describing the experience! We were over 50 strong over the 2 days; the photo below includes about half the group – those who lingered late at the end of the 2 days to organize a group photo!  Over the coming weeks watch for more “inspirations” posts that will share more of our stories, visions and actions!

Nicky Lambert – My experience connecting with colleagues at the Think Tank was  exciting, energising and productive. It was an opportunity to be submerged in ideas and inspiration, it was such a pleasure to have time to think about who we are and what we do. I was refreshed and reinvigorated by being with other nurses – I get why it’s called a ‘Think Tank’ now!

Alison – Supportive

Rachel Walker – Nurses promote healing for people and communities harmed by broken & unjust systems. Nurse activists struggle to heal the brokenness & injustice of the systems that harm people.

Donnean – Empowered

Ginny – Inspiring leadership action based on the core of nursing to transform our organizations. Whoo hoo!

Joyce – Fierce compassion

Beth – I felt like I was with a supportive family that validated my concerns and direction.

Maureen – thought-provoking and inspirational

Megan – I am so deeply grateful to have been part of this powerful community experience and I feel replenished. But if I can offer only few words to the reflection blog I will borrow these for now: “Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself.” – Walt Whitman

Vanessa – Transformative.

Robin Cogan – Watch for my post appearing soon on The Relentless School Nurse: Be Brave Enough to Start a Conversation That Matters.

Mary – Nurse activism to improve conditions for working nurses improves patient outcomes also- two sides of the same coin.

Peggy – Deep friendship, community. Unforgettable affirmation of “trusting the process.”

leading with heart, mind naturally follows
watering seeds of life
the flowers and the nectar
sweetly nourish

Seja – Energizing, motivating, and exciting

Lisa – I felt amazing inspiration and made lifelong connections that will allow me to move in a positive direction with loving people right where they are (my Nursing activism).

Rorry – Inspiring support. I wanted more!!

Sandy – My word is “validated.”

Cory Ellen – My one phrase reflection on my experience is “casting on,” which I think is an apt metaphor for this initial making of linkages among people, experiences, and goals. I look forward to building on it in the future.

Jessica – Nursing IS a radical act.

Brenda – 

Activism & Advocacy: Our Shared Humanity
Souls singing, spirits renewed,
Authenticity and vulnerability embraced,
Truth to power, voice to vision,
Bearing witness to our collective story,
Ever cognizant to the call of the community,
So very grateful for new connections,
Kindred spirits on this path of activism and advocacy.

Michelle – awakening
Cathy – connected communities
Gerri – Not so much a ‘think tank. More of a reflecting well, around which we gathered and drank. And now, the challenge.
Margaret – Soul food

Launching Today – Inspirations for Activism – Part II

Inspiration for Activism: Part II.

  • Today we gather at the College of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Amherst, a College that focuses on social justice in nursing and healthcare.
  • Our gathering grew out of concern for the many challenges in our communities and nations today, and a sense of urgency to explore ways for nurses to connect with one another, form support networks, and engage to create a more healthy future for all.
  • Our open invitation drew a response that far exceeded our expectations; over 50 nurses are gathered today to explore and create possibilities for activism!
  •  The  “Inspirations for Activism! Part I” blog series has been an integral part of this project, featuring nurses who have engaged in activism of all forms – from before the Nightingale era to the present.
  • Today we bring our vision and expectations into reality and launch “Inspirations for Activism Part II,” posting weekly features of nurses who participate in the Think tank and other nurses who have sent us messages of encouragement and support.

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