2002 NurseManifest study

Our first research study was titled “An Emancipatory Study of Nursing Practice.” The purpose of the study was to illustrate what it is like to practice nursing today. Nurses sent us stories that represented what it is like for them to practice nursing. We have received fifty-two stories from nurses using anonymous email messages. From these stories the research team has developed metastories and artistic representations to reflect what the stories told.

2003 Study

In January of 2003 we launched a new international study titled “Nurses Perceptions of Practicing Nursing: International Perspectives.” Groups of nurses met to explore what it is like to practice nursing, and what changes are needed to practice nursing as they wish to practice. The group summaries were reviewed at the Nurse Manifest gathering in Boulder, Colorado on June 5, 2003. The results of the study were published in Advances in Nursing Science:

Jarrin, O. F. (2006). “Results from the Nurse Manifest 2003 study: nurses’ perspectives on nursing.” ANS. Advances In Nursing Science29(2): E74-E85.