There are a host of education initiatives that have grown out of the NurseManifest Project. Some have been published and the citations are here. Specific curricula plans and examples are also posted here. If you have resources to add here, please contact us!

Falk-Rafael’s classroom studies

Falk-Rafael, A. R., M.A. Anderson,P.L. Chinn, A.M. Rubotsky (2004). Peace and Power as a Critical Feminist Framework for Nursing Education. Annual Review of Nursing Education. M. H. Oermann and K. T. Heinrich. New York, Springer Publishing. 2: 217-235.

Falk-Rafael, Adeline R., PL Chinn, MA Anderson, H Laschinger, AM Rubotzky (2003). “The Effectiveness of Feminist Pedagogy in Empowering a Community of Learners.” Journal of Nursing Education. 42(12): 1-9.

Jarrin’s pediatric curriculum

Download a PDF file of Olga’s curriculum here:  Teaching Pediatrics

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