The art work was inspired by the stories of what it was like to practice nursing.  This mode of representation of the narrative in an aesthetic form was an attempt to go beyond textual information to something that would reflect a deeper and more expansive understanding of the experience of nursing as portrayed by the nurses who shared their stories.  Giving the art pieces titles was useful in having a reference point from which to discuss each piece, but the title alone without the visual image does not capture the richness of the narrative.  Even the images themselves are limited in what they can convey of the wholeness of nursing as an experience for these nurses.  It is hoped that the images and the titles evoke the depth and beauty of nursing as it is practiced by the nurses in this study.  It is also hoped that these images provide a bridge to those who have yet to tell their stories as a way of evoking the sharing of more stories that are similar and that are distinctive in comparison to those shared for this study.



Ascent to Dead End


I was There


Lost Souls


Nurse Proof Fence


Paper Trails


Pulled from the Rubble


Sacred Gifts


Sacred Practice


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