Raeann Genevieve LeBlanc (1967 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II – 

  • Participant in the 2018 Nursing Activist Think Tank; served as facilitator for story circles.
  • Human Rights, Animal Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Public Health Activist and Advocate,
  • Empowerment through Story-telling Activism (Nurstory), Kindness as a Social Justice Act, Emancipatory Nursing Practice, Anti-Oppression Activism and Advocate for Social Change — Small Acts Matter, Community Gardener & Cyclist
  • Mantras: “Our actions show what it is we value” & “Hope smiles on effort”
  • History of specific activist involvement:
    • 2017- Nurstory Scholar – Story telling for social change and social justice
    • 2016-2017: Teaching for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Fellow
    • 2012- Public Health Association Activist – Diversity & Social Justice Nursing
    • 2001-:  Animal rights (No Kill Activist, No Animal Left Behind, Socially Responsible Medicine, Antivivisection in Science, Education, & Alternatives to Animal Testing)
    • 1997-:  Preservation of Community Gardening Action & Bicycle/Pedestrian Rights
    • 1986: International Peace Camp –  Activism for International Understanding and Peace

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