Behind the scenes, there are a number of important things happening related to the NurseManifest Project. Consistent with the intention of this project, we do not require a central point of coordination; we encourage nurses around the world to pursue their own projects, ideas and actions inspired by the call that we have broadcast on this web site. We will post a summary of related activities here, so let us know of any activities that you want to include!

Discussion Forum

Join the Facebook NurseManifest group to participate in discussion about NurseManifest actions, ideas and possibilities! Search for the group “NurseManifest” and ask to join!

Clinical Projects

We know about projects that nurses have undertaken based on the NurseManifest dreams. We just don’t have reports to post yet. But we will post them as soon as we get them!


If you have an experience that keeps returning to your awareness over and over because it means something to you … you have a story to tell! It might be something that inspired you, or changed you you in some way, or led to a change in your career. If your eperience connects with the vision of this project, we want to share it with others! Send us your stories to share, and we will post them here!


Folks have been contributing to our blog for several years! If you are inspired to contribute, let us know and we will get you started! This is a great way to learn the world of blogging!


June 4, 2003 presentation in Boulder, Colorado

On June 4 the folks from our “People” page gave a presentation based on our early work with nurses stories at the International Association for Human Caring Conference in Boulder, Colorado. We shared metastories from that project, and Richard prepared a number of artistic representations based on the stories. Go to “2002 Study Report “ to see what we presented.


June 5, 2003 gathering in Boulder, Colorado

The main purpose of this day-long gathering was to review and synthesize the group summaries from our latest research project and to plan future activities for the project. We had a wonderful day with about 50 people in attendance. We are currently preparing information about the next steps that we will be taking. Here are some of the ideas we discussed:

  • Initiate participatory action research (PAR) groups. The purpose of these groups would be to explore nursing practice and initiate actions that constructively address the issues that surface. A group leader will need to invite members, convene the group and lead the group process (at least initially). We envisioned these groups as ongoing (not a one or two time meeting).
  • Extend the focus groups of the 2002 study to include greater diversity (nurses of color, nurses from countries outside U.S. and Canada., etc.)
  • Explore the idea of developing an “Institute” model through which we could offer educational programs, retreats, planning, research and scholarship, etc.
  • Publish stories of nursing practice in vehicles that are accessible to the public…magazines, books, etc. Here we could link to the new book that is being planned and invite people to send in their stories.
  • Start a bulletin board for practicing nurses to virtually gather and share experiences and ideas.