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Returning September 24, 2022, 4 pm Eastern

2022-23 Theme

*Beyond Apology

*Moving Forward

*Taking Action

We return for our “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” discussions on September 24, 2022 at 4 PM Eastern, continuing monthly on the last Saturday of every month!  Our discussions will again be hosted by Lucinda Canty, PhD, CNM, FACNM and will begin with a critical reflection on the recent apology issued by the American Nurses Association (download PDF here). Our discussions continue to be guided by our “Principles of Reckoning” (see below) with the focus in the coming year on developing our own solutions so that we can take action! 

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Principles of Reckoning

All of the activities related to “Overdue Reckoning” are guided by our Principles of Reckoning, which take a bold anti-racist stand for nursing. Our principles are:

  • We claim the courage to join together through the experience of building our anti-racist capacity in nursing.
  • We cherish the contributions and honor the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other Nurses of Color, and yield the floor to those voices throughout our time together.
  • We recognize that we cannot move forward without a deep understanding of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other nurses of color experiences with racism. 
  • The insights and recommendations of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other nurses of color are vital to ground our thinking, and to guide our actions. 
  • We pledge to listen deeply and with respect to any and all expressions of anger, rage, despair and grief arising from racism.
  • We commit to healing those harmed by racism.
  • We commit to challenging, resisting and ending the voices and actions that sustain white privilege.
  • We seek to nurture authentic anti-racist awareness.
  • We will inspire and nurture action, as we boldly claim an anti-racist identity for nursing.


This initiative was launched in September 2020 to open discussion that focused on coming to terms with racism in nursing – a “reckoning” that acknowledges the reality and begins a process of healing and change. Racism in nursing has persisted far too long, sustained in large part by our collective failure to acknowledge the contributions and experiences of nurses of color. The intention of this project is to bring the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other Nurses Of Color to the center, to explore from that center the persistence of racism in nursing, and to inspire/form actions to finally reckon with racism in nursing.