Marion Cronin, 1920 –

Inspiration for Activism

  • The heart of the documentary “Playing on Our Sentiments” the story of the Hale Nurses Union organized in 1954 in Massachusetts.

    Marion Cronin

  • Graduated from Lawrence Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1941
  • Began her career as a nurse at the Contagious Hospital, next door to the Hale
  • Active in the Massachusetts Nurses Association by 1950
  • Worked for a law that gave nurses the right to collective bargaining, and once that law passed, worked with other nurses at the Hale to form an MNA bargaining unit then elected to be their leader (chairperson).
  • At 98, continues to support the struggles of nurses everywhere for good contracts.

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Christine Tanner (1947 – )

Inspiration for Activism

  • Led campaigns in Oregon for LGBTQ rights, including legalizing marriage
  • Currently leading campaign for single payer medical coverage for all
  • Editor of the Journal of Nursing Education from 1991-2012
  • Led development in Oregon for seamless progression from Associate Degree to Baccalaureate degree in nursing that has become a model nationally

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Rula Al Safar

Inspiration for Activism

  • Advocates for medical neutrality
  • Stood up to injustice in Bahrain during the Arab Spring in 2011 & put her life on the line to treat injured protesters.
  • Jailed & held for 5 months in a Bahranian prison where she was tortured.
  • President of the Bahraini Nursing Society

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Wait List for the Nursing Activism Think Tank

We have reached the point of shifting to a “wait list” for the Nursing Activism Think Tank – which means over 50 nurses have completed the Think Tank Interest Form.  But do not let this stop you, if you are interested!  Complete the form now for a couple of reasons:

  • One, a place might open up, and we will contact the next person on the wait list as soon as this happens. We will confirm the commitment to attend with those on the “attending” list by May 1st.  There may be openings any time, but if you are on the wait list, we should be able to let you know by May 1st at the latest.
  • Two, this will inspire us to consider additional ways to support everyone who is interested in this kind of opportunity.  We know this is happening already just be announcing that we are doing this, and by posting our “inspirations for activism” series every Tuesday and Friday, featuring nurses past and present who are engaged in activism in many different ways.

So if you are interested in what is happening, follow this blog, and never hesitate to let us know your ideas – we have a contact form for that!!

Carolyn McCarthy (1944 – )

Inspiration for Activism

  • Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 4th district. In office Carolyn_McCarthy_2012_portraitJanuary 3, 1997 – January 3, 2015.
  • Tireless advocate for gun control
  • Pursued legislation benefiting the elderly, including hearing loss detection, prevention & treatment, pushing for affordable hearing devices for all.
  • Fought for special education and health services for children
  • Always stated in interviews: “I am a nurse and I look at the issues from a nursing perspective.

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See the recent policy statement on gun violence from the American Academy of Nursing