Dorothea Fox Jakob (1946 – )

Inspiration for Activism! 

  • American-born public health nurse; emigrated to Canada in 1973.
  • Strong social justice advocate, particularly anti-child poverty advocacy.

    Dorothea Fox-Jakob

  • Played a key role as public health nurse in Toronto, in identifying electric kettles as a key factor in elevated lead levels among infants. Reporting of her observations led to safety standards for electric kettles across the country.
  • Wrote letters to editors in newspapers, lobbied elected officials as well as the professional nursing association (RNAO) regarding the impact of child poverty on health.
  • Represented RNAO in a meeting on child poverty that led to the establishment of Campaign 2000, a public education and anti-child poverty advocacy group that still exists today.
  • As a member of the Nurses for Social Responsibility, participated in various protest and educational activities focused on the advancement of health equity.
  • Strong believer that the essence of nursing is to bear witness to what we see and speak truth to power.

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