Nurses Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance

The 2017 U.S. Executive Branch is taking steps that will have an effect on the health and well-being of all who reside within the borders of the United States, and of all people worldwide.  At this moment in history, we call upon nurses to stand together, act to resist that which harms health and well-being, protect those who are harmed, and build coalitions that move toward the ideals we seek.  We stand on a long legacy of political activism by nurses that arises from our moral imperative to actively promote public policy to assure social/health equity. Our actions are grounded in the premise that health and well-being depends on healthy environments and  just communities. We pledge to join with others to engage in determined action to protect health and justice for all, regardless of age, social/economic circumstance, religion, skin color, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

1. We believe that health and well-being of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental human right.

As nurses, we are committed to provide care for all people – care that promotes and supports high level wellness, prevention and treatment of injury and disease, and restoration of health when it is compromised.  

2. We believe the integrity of our environment is integral to human health and well-being.

We oppose all actions that contribute to damage and erosion of the earth’s ecosystem and the physical structures which we inhabit. We will promote, protect, and support actions toward healthy and sustainable structural and natural environments for all the earth’s inhabitants.   

3. We believe that all people deserve access to affordable quality care.

As nurses, we are committed to caring for all patients and families, regardless of economic status, sexual orientation/gender Identities, current immigration status, age, ability to pay, or spiritual/religious beliefs/practices (or lack thereof).

4. We oppose all forms of oppression and discrimination.

We commit to protect and care for those whose safety and well-being is threatened based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual identity, physical ability, economic status, or any other attribute seen as “difference.”  We will take public stands opposing any attempt to weaken public policies and programs designed to protect health and well-being of those who are disadvantaged. We will fight for policies and programs that assure equality and justice.

5. We oppose intimidation and violence in our homes and communities.

We will act to protect any who are victims of intimidation and violence, particularly those who are vulnerable because of skin color, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.  As nurses, we nurture peaceful resolution of conflict and support those who step up to intervene peacefully in situations of threat and danger.

6. We believe that the health of women must be protected.

We will act to assure that all women receive the full range of care that assures their right to control their own reproductive choices as well as all women’s healthcare services needed to maintain their own health and the health of their families.

7. We trust scientific knowledge that supports a wholistic approach to nursing care

We examine all sources of evidence to inform the choices we make in caring for those we serve. We can assure the public that we practice from a firm foundation of sound and reliable scientific evidence. We will take all steps needed to inform the public of the science that supports our practices.

We invite all nurses, and our colleagues who support our values, to join us in declaring these  values and actions by signing this declaration. You can add your signature to this document here.  We invite you to use this declaration as you wish, and revise to suit your own purposes.  Let us know of your actions, follow #nursesresist, and join our Facebook group.

Contributing authors:

Carey S. Clark, PhD, RN, AHN-BC
Peggy Chinn, RN, PhD, FAAN
Elizabeth Berrey, PhD, RN
Lisa Sundean, RN, MS, PhD Candidate
Adeline Falk-Rafael, PhD, FAAN
Leslie Nicoll, PhD, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
Sue Hagedorn, RN, PhD, FAAN

Thank you to the Cambridge Health Alliance for inspiration!

If you would like to co-sign your name to this declaration, please provide your information using this formThe list of co-signatories will be updated as frequently as possible.


25 thoughts on “Nurses Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance

  1. This is a political agenda, not a Nurses agenda. I cannot sign this, especially due to the pro abortion portion. That is in complete conflict to my healing agenda as a holistic nurse. Very sad that this has to be political.


  2. I am a nurse and I am opposed to the intent of this declaration and I do not stand with you on it. Although I disagree with much of this declaration I respect your right to express your views and I trust that I will be respected by my colleagues for standing in opposition. Please do not think that this represents all nurses.


    • i’m curious as to why you would oppose anything in the above statements Rob. What is it that doesn’t represent your position in those 7 statements? I certainly respect your right to disagree also but what ‘intent’ do you oppose? You made a point of disagreeing, so, i’m curious.


  3. I stand with this statement of solidarity and oppose the changes put forth by the new administration, I am horrified and saddened by the choices that reflect intolerance and absence of care for the greater sect of humanity.


  4. Thanks for being the voice of reason. Namaste to all who stand for compassion and justice. This is a very disturbing time. I will not and cannot be silent. #compassion


  5. I am absolutely in agreement with you, and am thrilled to see leaders in nursing taking this stand. These are very dark times, and the future of our country is at stake. The challenges to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, human rights, and the continuation of our planet have never been as stark as they are today. Comparisons to totalitarians, fascists, oligarchists are not without merit. We have a responsibility as nurses, who protect and advocate for our patients, to not stand idly by. Indeed, “the only think necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men {and women}* to stand by and do nothing” Edmund Burke

    * italics mine


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