Resources for “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing”

As soon as we announced this discussion series, we started receiving important suggestions and resources from nurses who plan to participate! We are collecting these here so that everyone can benefit, adding to the resources we suggested with the announcement of this series.

Book and Articles

Bell, B. (2020). White dominance in nursing education: A target for anti‐racist efforts. Early view in Nursing Inquiry.

Barbee, E. L. (1993). Racism in U. S. Nursing. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 7(4), 346–362.

Barbee, E. L. (1994). A Black Feminist Approach to Nursing Research. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 16(5), 495–506.

Blanchet Garneau, A., Browne, A. J., & Varcoe, C. (2017). Drawing on antiracist approaches toward a critical antidiscriminatory pedagogy for nursing. Nursing Inquiry.

Hine, D. C., & Others. (1989). Black women in white: Racial conflict and cooperation in the nursing profession, 1890-1950. Indiana University Press Bloomington.

Lewenson, S. B., & Graham-Perel, A. (2020). “You Don”t Have Any Business Being This Good’: An Oral History Interview with Bernardine Lacey. In AJN, American Journal of Nursing (Vol. 120, Issue 8, pp. 40–47).

McGibbon, E., Mulaudzi, F. M., Didham, P., Barton, S., & Sochan, A. (2014). Toward decolonizing nursing: the colonization of nursing and strategies for increasing the counter-narrative. Nursing Inquiry, 21(3), 179–191.

YSN announces its Commitment to Anti-Racism. (2020, June 18). Yale University.

From Josephine Ensign

PHLV Radio – Filipino Radio in Las Vegas Interview on Racism and Nursing

Interview on August 21, 2020 with Angela Amar, Dean at UNLV School of Nursing and Minnie Wood, Lecturer/Clinical Instructor at UNLV School of Nursing. Hosted by Doris Bauer, President of the Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada – PNANV.

AJN Webinar on Racism in Nursing

On August 19, 2020 the American Journal of Nursing Editor-in-Chief hosted a webinar “Nursing’s Role in Addressing Racism.” You can watch the webinar online any time, view information about the speakers, and access the related resources.

A concise history of systemic* racism in the U.S.

* See an excellent explanation of the terms “systemic” and “systematic” here

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