Moving “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” Forward!

The unique experience of our “overdue reckoning on racism” discussions in September and October charted a clear path forward to continue this essential work! What makes our antiracism initiative unique is our commitment to ground our approach in the everyday lives and experiences of nurses of color, which we believe provides a foundation for all nurses to understand and join together to address racism in nursing.

We know that the situation we are in today has a long history, and the recent awakening that is bringing about action has only just begun. We know that the fact of racism in nursing cannot be changed by attending a “diversity training” or starting an “equity and inclusion” program. The kind of change that is needed now involves in depth unlearning and learning, hard work, difficult conversations – and even a few missteps along the way. As we all explore new directions for ourselves, and for our communities, I believe we can and we will make change!

In less than a month since the last of the initial “Overdue Reckoning” zoom meetings, we have created a number of new opportunities to move forward! These are –

BILNOC Reckoning with Racism – November 14 and December 5, 2020.

These zoom meetings are planned to bring together Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other Nurses of Color to explore avenues for further antiracism actions. These discussions will include ideas for personal, family, workplace, and larger community and organizational change. All are welcome to join with the understanding that BILNOC nurses will take the lead in these discussions. When you register, you will receive the login information for Zoom.

Register here!

Moving Beyond “White Fragility for Nurses” January 9th, 16th and 23rd, from 4 to 5:30 pm Eastern 2021

This is a 3-part workshop for nurses with Nanette D. Massey featuring honest and effective conversations about race inspired by Robin DiAngelos’ book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. The focus of this workshop is to provide white nurses the opportunity to explore issues of racism and how white people participate, often unknowingly. The workshop is also open to nurses of color who are looking to develop skills for discussing race and racism with white nurses.

Registration open

Ongoing 1st Saturday “Overdue Reckoning” Discussions beginning February 6, 2021

Mark your calendar for the first Saturdays starting on February 6, 2021! Time 4 – 5:30 pm Eastern. When you register you will receive a confirmation notice and email providing the Zoom login information. The format for these discussions will evolve over time, but for now will remain the same as the initial series of discussions.

Register here!

These opportunities are just the beginning! There continues to be a lot of “buzz” floating ideas for continuing and growing this important work – one of which is the production of an archive of stories from nurses of color reflecting on the past and pointing the way forward, and a documentary film based on these stories! So join us for any (or all!) of the activities we are planning! Also follow this blog – we will post here new events and activities as they emerge!

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