First Saturday “Reckonings”

Each “First Saturday”has its own zoom link, posted on the main “Overdue Reckoning” page about a month in advance. Once you register you will receive a confirmation notice and email providing the Zoom login information. The format for these discussions will evolve over time, but we will begin with discussions led by a nurse of color and focused on a particular issue and/or reading to be announced in advance.

Lucinda Canty
  • Lucinda Canty will host each discussion and will serve as the lead facilitator. Christina Nyirati, Valorie Taylor and Peggy Chinn will serve as support facilitators and monitor the Zoom “chat.” (see brief bios of our organizing team here)
  • Each session will focus on a topic and/or a reading that will be selected in advance, led by a nurse of color who will work with Lucinda to plan the framework for the discussion.
  • The facilitators will take the lead in assuring that the principles of reckoning guide our focus and that all voices are heard, with priority to voices of nurses of color.
  • Peace and Power processes will inform our discussions ( The exact structure will vary depending on the number of participants.
  • Our process is guided more specifically by our “Zoom-Keeping” guidelines.
  • We will use the Zoom “chat” to post questions and comments that otherwise might interrupt the flow of the discussion.
    • “Chat” will also be used share resources, indicate the need for follow-through, or any other brief comment that a participant wishes to share.
    • The facilitators will assure that all “chat” entries are attended to, either during the discussion or in some form of follow-through.
  • We will be mindful of any instance during the discussions that indicates the need for personal or small group follow-through, including a need for additional emotional support, or support for action.