Peace, and nurse power for the holidays!

As the lead blogger for the NurseManifest project, I wish all of our followers peace and power for the holidays!  We are taking a holiday break from our weekly blog schedule featuring inspirations for activism, but we will return no later than January 8th!   We are looking forward to a new year with growing nursing activism both large and small! The very existence of our “Inspiration for Activism” blog series is in itself a manifestation of nursing activism. Just to browse through both the Part I and the growing Part II galleries provides a landscape of the breadth and depth of influence that nurses have had, and continue to have, in relation to health and well-being!

If you have not yet shared your story of nurse activism, we want to hear from you!  We have a handy form that you can use to start the process!  Fill out what you can on the form, and we will work with you to add you and your activism to this very important record!  If you need inspiration, browse our Part II and Part I “inspiration” galleries!

Here’s to 2019 Nurse Manifesting!  Peggy

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