Isabel Hampton Robb (1859-1910)

Inspiration for Activism!

  •  In 1889, became the first Superintendent of Nurses and Principal of the Training School at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  • Wrote the first nursing textbook: Nursing: Its Principles and Practices, published inIsabel Hampton Robb 1893.
  • Participated in founding the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses, which later became the National League for Nurses.
  • Active in the International Council of Nurses and the Committee to Secure by Act of Congress the Employment of Graduate Women Nurses in the Hospital Service of the US Army, which worked toward the establishment of the Army Nurse Corps.
  • First President of the Nurses’ Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada, which would later become the American Nurses Association.
  • Helped to found the American Journal of Nursing.
  • Instrumental in establishing the course in Hospital Economics at Teachers College, Columbia University in 1899.
  • Worked to secure a place for professional nurses within the Red Cross Nursing Service.
  • Helped found the Cleveland Visiting Nurse Association.
  • Wrote the books Nursing Ethics in 1900 and Educational Standards for Nurses in 1907.

More information here and here.


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