Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail (1903-1981)

  • One of the first Apsáalooke (Crow) people to achieve a higher education, and the first Crow registered nurse in the United States
  • Worked diligently to modernize the health services offered to her tribe

    Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail

    and fight the forced sterilization of Native American women.

  • For over 30 years (1930-1960) served as a consultant throughout the United States to improve services to Native American populations; her wit and open candore opened many doors and earned her the respect of many political leaders.
  • Passionately dedicated to the health and welfare of children and mothers.
  • Performed worldwide as a dancer in the Crow Indian Ceremonial Dancers troupe, preserving and advocating for Native American culture and values.
  • Founded the first professional association of Native American nurses.
  • Named in 1978 by the American Indian Nurses Association the “Grandmother of American Indian Nurses.”

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