Afaf Ibrahim Meleis (1942- )

Inspiration for activism!

  • Inspired to become a nurse at the age of 15 by her mother – a prominent nurse and educator in Egypt who established graduate programs for nurses in the Middle East.
  • Strong voice advocating for women and women’s rights world-wide.

    Afaf Meleis

  • Author of transition theory, which has been used as a basis for research world-wide, and as a basis approaches to care to assure health and well-being in health and illness experiences (examples: immigration transition, the transition of caregivers, transition to motherhood, menopausal transition).
  • Mentor to a long list of students and colleagues for over 40 years, providing support, encouragement and substantive guidance to nurses worldwide.
  • Created research teams consisting of nurses throughout the world which offer support and development of international nursing research.
  • Continues to provide consultation worldwide, focusing on the crucial roles of nurses and women as leaders in the development of comprehensive healthcare and quality nursing education programs.

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One thought on “Afaf Ibrahim Meleis (1942- )

  1. On innumerable occasions, Meleis’ wisdom has inspired me, while informing my life and nursing practice- was the framework for my MSc. thesis, and taught a 4th-year nursing course at Trent/Fleming School of Nursing, with transitions as the central focus; in the last year, my understanding of transitions had helped me to learn to live with the new reality of surviving Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; I am so grateful for her/colleagues’ work. Cathy Graham


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