Call to Action for 2016 NurseManifest Study: Request for Co-Creators


a quote from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

You are invited to comment, collaborate, and co-create a global NurseManifest research project, to be carried out later this year.

Previously in 2002 and 2003 we asked nurses what it was like to practice nursing, and what changes they envision to create the conditions for ideal practice, using emancipatory methods.

For 2016 I propose we explore the topic of excellence in nursing care, from the perspective of patients and caregivers, using Appreciative Inquiry.

With a blog readership of over 7,500 people, we now have the capacity to carry out the international study envisioned by the NurseManifest Project founders over a decade ago, and make a global impact through our collective action.

Some critical questions we might ask include:

  • What is like to be the recipient of excellent nursing care?
  • What specifically about your nursing care experience made it excellent?
  • How would healthcare be different if every nursing interaction was excellent?
  • What would it take to create a healthcare system where excellent nursing care is the norm?

Some opportunities to participate include:

  • Host a conversation group with patients and family members who have received care from a single health care organization or network of providers.
  • Host a conversation group with patients and family members who have received care related to a specific condition or life event.
  • Host a conversation with a community group, with co-workers, or even with your own family.

Some ideas for dissemination:

  • Present at national and international conferences in 2017
  • Develop a series of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Turn the findings into a book
  • Use the findings to inform a public service campaign about nursing and policies impacting nurses

Please add your ideas in the comments section below this blog entry or write to Olga Jarrín at by June 1, 2016 – in time to have a shared protocol and IRB approval in place for interviews and focus groups to begin in September, 2016.

For more information about Appreciative Inquiry see the website: Appreciative Inquiry Commons. Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management. April 18, 2016. *Note: This repository of information Includes Appreciative Inquiry resource materials in 22 languages.



11 thoughts on “Call to Action for 2016 NurseManifest Study: Request for Co-Creators

  1. Count me in! There are many chronic conditions where nurse management could change lives and health care. Maybe begin with diabetes because it’s heavily influenced by lifestyle and medication management. Lifespan and QOL are potentially improved by excellent nursing care. I would love to work on data collection and dissemination.


    • Thank you, Dr. Goodell! Thrilled to have you join the NurseManifest project and love the idea of including chronic condition care (and diabetes particularly) as one focus area.


  2. How about selecting a chronic condition that is influenced heavily by both lifestyle and medication management? This would be very nurse-sensitive and, in future studies, could be linked to lifespan, complications and QOL. I’m willing to do data collection/group work if there is an opportunity to take part in dissemination. Thank you. I love this idea!


    • Thank you Carey! I can take the lead with IRB, but am also happy to help in other ways, if you or someone else would like to submit the IRB through your/another institution.

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      • Yes I would need IRB through my school to participate, but I can use what you submit and tailor it to my IRB


    • Great idea! I’ll be in touch with you soon, as we have a Twitter account and Facebook page already that could have added users. A Facebook group for growing research team leaders would be a great addition.


  3. I have graduate students who might want to look at the experience of surgical patients and as a scholarly inquiry project. Right now I’m not sure what form such an inquiry would take, but I am interested.


    • Yes!! It’s a great opportunity for students at all levels to hear from patients and families what excellent nursing care means to them and think about how the healthcare system can provide that level of care.


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