Book of the Year Award – twice!

On September 14, 2014, I posted news of the newly published book “Philosophies and Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis,”  noting its relevance for all NurseManifesters!  The book is edited by Paula Kagan, Marlaine Smith, and Peggy Chinn, and contains 22 original chapters by some of the leading nurse scholars in the area of Emancipatory textcritical inquiry.  The book has gained some attention, but in January, it was awarded two AJN “Book of the Year” awards – in the categories of History and Public Policy, and in Professional Issues.  You can see the press release about all of the awards here.  The link to. the article online is here.  The detailed comments of the reviewers are posted on the web as supplementary digital content; you can access this information online as a subscriber, or through your library.  The book is available in both paper and electronic formats – here is the Amazon link!

We are thrilled with these awards, not just because we know how important this book it, but because it is amazing for a book of this type to gain this kind of recognition in a “field” that typically focuses on very pragmatic and even “technical” topics.  Both of the reviewers who selected the book in their category commented on how accessible the content of the book is, even though much of the focus is on complex philosophic ideas.  If you have not yet had a chance to see the book, consider asking your library for a copy, and take some time to browse, and read!  Share your comments here about the details you see as particularly important for manifesting nursing!

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