Welcome, nurses!

Hello readers/bloggers!

I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m a nurse and diabetes educator. I wrote a post on our old blog about feeling disconnected from nursing at times. A specialty like diabetes education can do that to you, because it’s a multi-disciplinary specialty (dietitians, social workers, pharmacists, exercise physiologists, PTs, MDs can all be diabetes educators). I am in full support of a multi-disciplinary approach, especially when it comes to diabetes education and management. However, it makes me feel isolated from my nurse colleagues. Not to mention that I’ve been a department of one for the last twelve years! My hope is that this blog will be an opportunity to stay connected to nurses. We can share our thoughts, passions, ideas and more.

Thanks for joining us!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, nurses!

  1. Hi Jane,
    I’m currently working on an in-patient psych unit, so I have an idea of what you mean by feeling isolated from nursing colleagues. I’ve been an LPN for 6 yrs, and plan (hope, pray!) to have my RN next yr. Since Ryan was dx’d, it’s been my goal to be a diabetes educator, because of how wonderful ours were to us at the most terrifying time of our lives. So that’s my story :o)


    • Hello, Beth!
      Thanks for your comment! I’m so excited for you on getting your RN (next year)!! That is excellent! And when you finish that, you should definitely look into the new Masters Program in Diabetes Education and Management at Teachers College, Columbia University (www.tc.edu/diabetes)… Best of luck to you and stay connected with us here!


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