Why this blog?

Ever had some of you own ideas about how things could be better in nursing and health care?  Has the “Nursing Manifesto” grabbed your attention, and then you had nobody with whom to share your ideas and thoughts?  Want to put out some

Nurse Proof Fence by Richard Cowling

"Nurse Proof Fence" by Richard Cowling

ideas for changes in the “manifesto” itself?  These are just a few of the reasons we decided to start this blog … to give all of us a place where we can share these thoughts and ideas, no matter how random or how far out!

The next step is to start using it!  Anyone who has an interest in the kinds of ideas that we published in our web site “Manifesto” is invited to become a author/contributor to this blog; if you want to be an author, just email Peggy or Jane and we will get you set up.  You don’t need to contact us if you want to comment on a post … just add you comment!  There is no limit — you can write to your heart’s content!

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