An Open Letter on the vital importance of empathy in STEM

Nursing Activism Think Tank participant Rachel Walker just shared this information about a letter-writing campaign that many who follow this blog might want to see!  Here is her message:

UMASS professors Dr. Sarah Perry, Dr. Sandra Petersen and I have recently penned an open letter on the vital importance of empathy in STEM. Our letter is addressed to the task force currently writing the next 5-year Federal Strategic Plan for STEM education.

You can read our letter here

And if you wish, add your signature as well:

(And please note, this letter is an exercise in academic freedom. We are proposing our views, not an official position of the University.)

Adeline Falk-Rafael (1943 – )

Inspiration for Activism: Part II.

  • Spoke truth to power in advocating for publicly funded, not-for-profit health care.
  • Initiated a lobby group to persuade Federal Health Minister to include

    Adeline Falk-Rafael

    health promotion in universal health care legislation.

  • Emphasized social determinants of health during time as President of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.
  • Author of cutting-edge scholarship focused on emancipatory nursing and the theory of Critical Caring in nursing (also see titles listed below).
  • Advocated strongly for nurses to be conferred with the academic degrees commensurate with their program of study.
  • Taught leadership to Internationally Educated Nurses, highlighting political activism as a form of leadership


Protesting outside the Ontario legislature to bring attention to our demands for increased nursing staffing in nursing homes.

Adeline’s York University web page

Chinn, P.L. & Falk-Rafael (In press). Embracing the focus of the discipline of nursing: Critical caring pedagogy. Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Falk-Rafael, A.R. (In press). Critical Caring. In Smith, M. (Ed.) Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (6th ed.) F.A. Davis: Philadelphia.

Chinn, P.L. & Falk-Rafael, A.R. (2017). Critical caring as a requisite for peace leadership. In Amaldas, S. & Bryne, S. (Eds.), Peace Leadership: The Quest for Connectedness. Routledge: New York.

Chinn, P.L. & Falk-Rafael, A.R. (2015). Peace and Power: A theory of emancipatory group process. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 47(1), 62-69.

Falk-Rafael, A. & Bradley, P. (2014). Towards Justice in Health: An exemplar of speaking truth to power. Advances in Nursing Science, 37(3), 224-234.

Sue Hagedorn (1945 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II – 

  • Community and peace organizer before and after becoming a nurse
  • Early pediatric and women’s nurse practitioner with focus on adolescent

    Sue Hagedorn

    care and domestic violence

  • First comprehensive school-based high school health center  in Massachusetts
  • Dissertation about Activist Caring
  • Activist Caring published in ANS in 1995: “The politics of caring: The role of activism in primary care.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: More than 20 films about nursing and social justice
  • Co-organizer of the 2018 Nursing Activism Think Tank

More information here.

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Peggy L Chinn (1941 – )

Inspiration for Activism: Part II.

  • Early advocate for feminist perspectives in nursing.

    Peggy Chinn

  • Founding participant in the founding of “Cassandra: Radical Feminist Nurses Network.
  • Co-founder, with Sue Hagedorn and Richard Cowling, of the NurseManifest Project .
  • Founding Editor of Advances in Nursing Science, providing an avenue for cutting-edge scholarship in nursing since 1978.
  • Author of “Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community.”
  • Participated in establishing the LGBTQIA+ Nursing Section within GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Health Equality.
  • Founder and web manager for, a resource center for reliable LGBTQ+ health information and resources for health care professionals, educators, policy-makers and consumers. The primary mission of the project is to promote high-level wellness for LGBTQ+ people.
  • Co-initiator, with Sue Hagedorn and Adeline Falk-Rafael, of the 2018 Nursing Activism Think Tank to inspire and validate nursing activism.

More Information:
Peggy’s website
NurseEducator Praxis