NurseManifest is A Call to Conscience and Action . . .

  • To raise awareness,
  • To inspire action, and
  • To open discussion of issues that are vital to nursing and health care around the globe.

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Shown Below:

The NurseManifest project members who presented our 2002 study in Boulder, Colorado. for more information visit the 2002 Study page.

Presenting the 2002 study in Boulder, Colorado

Seated: Marlaine, Richard, Carey. Standing: Peggy, Elizabeth, Sue, Adeline

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for including my dissertation “Thinking like a nurse and perceived readiness for professional practice: A mixed methods study” in the Resource section of your blog.It is an honor to be included. Needless to say reading the Manifesto during my doctoral study was a major influence in directing my research towards rethinking how we teach nursing students and theorizing about what it means to “think like a nurse.” I hope that the conceptual model I developed using the attributes of TLN unique to professional practice stimulate nurse educators to re-look at the way we teach nursing students the art and science of nursing and to consider using the attributes as threads within the curriculum and prepare the whole nursing student for practice.


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