Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing – Moving BEYOND “White Fragility” for Nurses: Honest and Effective Conversations with Nanette D. Massey


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What: 3-part workshop for nurses – “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing: Moving BEYOND ‘White Fragility'” with Nanette D. Massey This workshop is focused on honest and effective conversations about race inspired by Robin DiAngelos’ book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.

Who: The focus of this workshop is to provide white nurses the opportunity to explore issues of racism and how white people participate, often unknowingly. The workshop is also open to nurses of color who are looking to develop skills for discussing race and racism with white nurses.

When: January 9th, 16th and 23rd, from 4 to 6 pm Eastern.

Preparation: Participants are expected to have read Robin DiAngelo’s book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” in advance of the workshop. This book emerged in part from DiAngelo’s work with Carole Schroeder at the University of Washington School of Nursing, described in their (optional for this workshop) 2010 article published in Advances in Nursing Science:  Addressing Whiteness in Nursing Education The Sociopolitical Climate Project at the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Registration: Each Saturday session builds on previous sessions, so registration is for the entire series. Participants are asked to plan to participate in all of the sessions. We will send the Zoom login information in the first week of January. The registration fee is $40 for students, and a sliding scale for all others, $80 to $120 depending on ability to pay. If you need a scholarship to cover the cost of registration, please complete the “Scholarship Request Form.”

Background: Recognizing the need to now provide a forum for white nurses to speak, and to engage in more fully understanding the dynamics of race and racism, the “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” organizing team (Lucinda Canty, Peggy Chinn, Christina Nyirati, and Jess Dillard-Wright) reached out to African American writer and activist Nanette D. Massey to offer her workshop as part of this ongoing project. It was Nanette’s Sunday discussions that we have participated in (since March 2020) that inspired our “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” discussions!

Workshop Description

In her best selling book, “White Fragility”, Robin DiAngelo coined that phrase to describe many white people’s insistence that conversations about race be comfortable and non-threatening before they’re able to fully participate. Ginni Rommety, retiring CEO of IBM said “growth and comfort do not coexist.” The protests and gatherings of late have demonstrated we are ready to stretch the bounds of comfort and have more straight talk with each other. Nanette D. Massey of Buffalo, N.Y., will present her take on the book’s ideas in very practical terms. The goal is to leave audiences, black and white, with self-clarity and the ability to participate in conversations within their own personal spheres of influence with genuine confidence, humor, and humility. Whether you’re new to this kind of forum or you “marched in the sixties”, you’re promised an experience of candor, revelation–and relief. Nanette has presented her workshop in person for grateful audiences at East Aurora Unitarian Church, Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester), the Pittsford PTSA, and for staff at Rochester Institute of Technology as an accredited Continuing Education Unit. We are delighted to offer this workshop in an online format to reach as many nurses as possible during this pandemic era!

For more information about Nanette Massey, visit her website! See Nanette’s December 17, 2020 blog post that explores Black people’s mistrust of medical care in general, and the new COVID vaccine in particular – https://nanettedmassey.com/2020/12/17/yay-a-vaccine/