Nursing Activism Think Tank Information

This page contains important information for those attending the July 30-31, 2018 Think Tank at the University of Massachusetts College of Nursing.  There is no particular order — so scroll down to find information you need!  If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact us using our contact form.

We acknowledge that during our gathering  we will stand on Nonotuck land, and also acknowledge the neighboring Indigenous nations: the Nipmuc and the Wampanoag to the East, the Mohegan and Pequot to the South, the Mohican to the West, and the Abenaki to the North.  See more information here.

College Address (location of our gatherings on July 30-31)

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003-9299

Participant information

Gallery view alphabetically by first name  (password protected)

Kanban view of participants  to network with others in your area – or others in any area – to start building your support network! (password protected)

Link to submit for your “inspirations for Activism” blog feature

Fill it out as much as you can, and then we will follow through to develop your feature!  You can include anything you want – including ways to connect with your activism and with others in your network!

WiFi Access

A WiFi visitor account has been set up for our group!  Here are the instructions to connect:

  • Make sure your wireless adapter is set to dynamically obtain an IP address
  • Connect to the wireless network: UMASS
  • Enter the credentials:
    • Username: 04080675
    • Password: 95867351
  • This account will be active all day Monday through Wednesday

Daily “schedule”

We will start at 9 a.m. and end at about 4 or 5 pm each day. Lunch will be somewhere around 11:30 or noon, and both days we will settle on how long to break for lunch depending on what we are doing.  We will also, of course, take breaks – but exactly when this happens will be flexible, depending on the process.  Each person can adjust on their own if they need something different from the group!  Bottom line – very little structure but we will definitely be mindful of taking breaks and paying attention to everyone’s needs in the context of the process and flow of the group!

Food and Dining Options (Download PDF of this information)

We will have coffee, tea and water available in our meeting rooms, but snacks and all meals are on your own.  So bring along your own snacks, even a brown bag lunch if you wish!  Here are the on-campus options:

Blue Wall (The Blue Wall Dining Complex is in the Campus Center) and includes these eating establishments:

  •  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Harvest Market – Sunday 8am-7pm; Mon-Thursday 8am-8pm
  • (Breakfast) – Peoples Organic – Coffee – Monday-Thursday 8am – 11am
  •  (Lunch) — Deli Delish, Tavola, Greenfields, Star Ginger, Tamales, The Grill, Wasabi & Yum! Bakery – Monday-Thursday 11am-2pm

The Dining Commons (Select UMass Dining Commons are open – see campus Map  – costs: (Breakfast $8.75, Lunch $11.25, Dinner $14.25).

  •  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Franklin Dining Commons (260 Stockbridge Rd, Amherst, MA) – 0.6 miles/11-minute walk from the campus center. Open daily: 7AM – 8 PM
  • (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Hampshire Dining Commons (141 Southwest Cir, Amherst MA) – 0.8 miles/15-minute walk from the campus center. Open daily: 7AM – 8 PM

For more about UMass Dining (Menus, locations etc.) go to:

Participant information

Kanban view of participants  to network with others in your area – or others in any area – to start building your support network! (password protected)

Gallery view alphabetically by first name  (password protected)

Self Care Activities

We have designated an hour before and after our gatherings (8 am and 5 pm), and an hour on Sunday afternoon (4 pm), for people to gather for any kind of self care!  Here is a Kanban of the planned events so far – if you want to add something to any of these times, let us know!

What to bring

  • Photo (print or digital) or object that represents your activism – we will work with these on the first day to help develop our stories.
  • Re-fillable water bottle, coffee mug – we will have alternatives, but if you can bring yours, all the better!
  • Hot weather attire, along with light jacket/sweater for air conditioned buildings.
  • If you wish, “bling” (art objects to add to a demonstration poster, along with glue if you think you will need it), hats or costumes, noise makers for those who want to participate in a “practice” demonstration to show our dedication to nursing activism (this will be at the end of the 2nd day).  We are providing the poster board and heavy-duty markers.

Reception on Sunday evening

If you arrive on Sunday afternoon, join us for a “reception” – cash bar and cheese, dried fruit, etc) from 6-8pm at the University Club (243 Stockbridge Rd, Amherst)

Preparation Suggestions

Our guiding intentions:
  • Getting to know and appreciate the Self as a nurse activist
  • Getting to know and appreciate one another in the context of nursing activism
  • Getting to know and appreciate our communities and the social and political forces that shape them.
What to expect:
  • There will be no speakers or planned presentations – this IS a think tank!
  • What happens over the course of the two days will be fluid and flexible, created by all of us as participants.
  • The process for our group interactions will be based on Peace and Power, enacting as fully as possible the powers of process, appreciation, the whole, sharing, nurturing, consciousness and creativity.
  • All forms of activism, all points of view, will be fully respected while at the same time providing for one another the kinds of constructive questions and challenges that lead to growth and change.
  • Day 1: the focus will be on developing and sharing our stories of activism — a process led by Nurstory team members.
  • Day 2: deep discussion and reflection in large and smaller groups, envisioning possibilities for the future and building networks of support.
How to prepare – consistent with the idea of a “think tank,” your best preparation is guided by your own inner insight and wisdom, your own intentions, hopes and dreams for activism. The following resources are available – use them as you see fit!
  • Continue to follow, and revisit the NurseManifest blog series “Inspirations for Activism.” These posts will continue to appear every Tuesday and Friday through July.  After our gathering, these posts will feature participants in the Think Tank – according to your wishes and consent!
  • The Peace & Power concepts and the Commitment involved in putting these concepts into Action are available on the Peace and Power website.