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  1. I, apparently like others, am concerned that the Manifesto and statement of “Resistance” seem more or less an adversarial posturing meant to oppose a specific US political figure (guess who) and people of his political party, who have held office all of 40 days thus far. I note the frequent use of the word “they” in your statements about current US Health Care policies. Using “they” a lot is not a way to engage in meaningful debate about healthcare policy. Also, why not wait and see what the new Administration & Congress actually do to improve access to care for all, as well as achieve efficiencies in rising healthcare costs as they’ve promised, instead of speculating on what you think they will do? If you read Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” for Health Care, you will find that it outlines some reasonable tweaks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (which had become less & less affordable and was not well serving the general public that we profess to serve in our profession).

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