The definitions we (Sue, Richard and Peggy) offer here are working definitions, taken from early understandings of the concepts that we have carefully selected. We have consulted a number of dictionaries and other sources for meanings, but the definitions here are our own, for the purposes of this project. These will evolve with everyone’s participation and discussion.


Bringing the values that we consciously choose into everything that we do, say, plan, dream, imagine; and remaining sensitive to how fully our values are expressed in what we do, say, plan, dream, and imagine.


Innermost knowing of our own thoughts and actions; the deepest sense of the meanings expressed in what we do.


To bring forth, to make explicitly real in the world, to hold the fullest expression of that which is precious and highly valued.


An outpouring of perspectives, beliefs, values, facts and rationales that call for a new order, a shift in direction for the future. The manifesto is deliberately political, describing in direct and frank rhetoric circumstances of injustice, and the remedies that are sought to overcome these injustices.


The ability to claim primary authority and control over one’s own affairs, to direct the course of one’s own path in accord with fundamental values, hopes and ideals that are held most dear, without undue interference or control from outside sources. Personal and professional sovereignty for nurses and nursing means holding claim to that which is within our domain as nurses, and as a profession. For nurses, because of our values that hold relationships dear, to claim sovereignty includes being fully capable and empowered to cooperate, collaborate, and negotiate with others, whose own sovereignty we do not seek to undermine, but whose colleagueship we value.

8 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. When was this organization formed? I’d like to know whether this blog & manifesto was a direct reaction to the new US President or existed prior?


    • The NurseManifest project started in 2000 – so we have been around for a while! You can see a summary of our history here: Our current declaration is connected to the values that we speak to in the Manifesto, and as we state explicitly in the first sentence, we intend to stand for those values – we will support any action by the current administration that is consistent with those values. Our focus is on the people we serve, and assuring that all receive the best quality of care possible, and an environment that supports health and well-being for all.


  2. Hi from Chile… Where can I find your “conception” of “Care” or “Human caring”?
    You should create a “diccionary” of terms for the nursing comunity 🙂


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