The “Documentary” project is here!

Those who have participated in the “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” have heard mention of “the documentary” that has been underway since our beginning, a project made possible by Sue Hagedorn who is a co-author of the “Nursing Manifesto” and a documentary film-maker. Now it is published and available to all on the “Reckoning with Racism in Nursing” website!

There are videos of 40 individual conversations – nurses of color sharing their experiences of racism and their hopes for the future, and 3 thematic explorations that address undergraduate education, the dynamics of racism in relation to patient care, and patient race-bias. The individual conversations address a broad range of issues, including the challenges of living in a duality of cultures, race-based bias in nursing and healthcare, reasons for the persistence of racism in nursing, and ideas for creating an anti-racist future.

The leadership group on the project includes our “Overdue” host Lucinda Canty, and participants Frankie Manning, Gayle Robinson, Sue Hagedorn, Melissa Mokel and Raeann LeBlanc. The project was funded and produced through the generous support of Seedworks Films, and produced in conjunction with StoryCenter, an international participatory media organization. The StoryCenter staff who produced the films are Sharon Latimer-Mosley, Joe Lambert, Jonny Chang, and Armand Jayne.

We are thrilled with this dimension of our “Overdue” work! But our work is far from over! We have taken “time off” for the summer, but we will resume our active project work in September! Watch our “Overdue” page for more information, and join our email lists for more information going forward!

One thought on “The “Documentary” project is here!

  1. This is an outstanding documentary! The voices of these amazing and resilient nurses needs to be shared widely. Definitely long overdue! Congratulations to all who contributed to this inspiring project.


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