Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing – new email groups to stay in touch!

We have established two Google email groups to improve communication in our community of nurse anti-racism activists!

One is a general group for all nurses – overdue-reckoning@googlegroups.com. We will use this email group to announce dates and registration details for all of our events, and to send general information supporting anti-racism activism in nursing.

Another email group is for networking and support among nurses of color – nurses-of-color-reckoning-on-racism@googlegroups.com.

Use this form to request to join both or either list:

Here are instructions on how to join either or both of these groups directly from your browser https://support.google.com/groups/answer/1067205?hl=en

We will continue to post all of this information here on the blog – and on the “Overdue Reckoning” page.

Most importantly – we want to stay in touch and create spaces for all nurses dedicated to creating an antiracist future for nursing! Our virtual tools during this pandemic have made this possible, and will continue far into the future! We hope for times we can meet face-to-face as well — but will keep our focus on nurturing our virtual community.

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