Cathy Graham (1952 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II –

  • Political involvement in local municipal elections (Toronto area); 
  • Activism in provincial issues- safe injection sites, basic income initiative, sex-ed. curriculum;
  • Mentoring faculty teaching political action course at Trent University
  • Continuing work with “Dying with Dignity” and patients’ rights related to Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Public speaking with nursing students about the experience of being on the other side of the gurney

More information:

Use evidence to save lives from opioid poisoning
Hands off Ontario’s sexual-education curriculum
Dying with Dignity in Canada: Protect Yourself: Your Rights As A Patient
Vulnerability, uncertainty and hope intertwined

On the other side of the gurney, Cathy Graham has no idea what to expect during chemotherapy treatment




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