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Inspiration for Activism Part II –

  • Keynote address at AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses)  convention, Tampa, June 26, 2018 “Creating Change: Towards Social Justice and Emancipatory Nursing” 
  • Lead Editor – Philosophies and Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis (2014)
  • Editorial – “Innovation: Only Radical Change Will DoAdvances in Nursing Science  Vol 36 No 4,  2013
  • Author, Historical voices of resistance: Crossing boundaries to praxis through documentary filmmaking for the public. 2009, Advances in Nursing Science, 32, 19–32.
  • Member ACLU, Emily’s LIst, SPLC – I support these organization because each is oriented toward progressive, anti-racist, and social justice work. I give money, sign petitions as needed, and make calls to 202-225-2131 Congress.
  • National Disaster Deployment Red Cross – Recently deployed to Houston after Hurricane Harvey and as part of a jump team of health professionals helped open 4 shelters in 8 days. The most vulnerable in society were our clients and how they are treated and fare in environmental crisis does not reflect well on the US government. We did the best we could to care for folks with limited resources and witnessed plenty of racism and the stark contrast between haves and have-nots post disaster. The nurses from around the country though, were dedicated and excellent!
  • Radical Nurse Educator – I am inspired by bel hooks’ Teaching to Transgress so I teach graduate courses in theory, ethics, policy, philosophy of science, and research – all from intersectional, critical feminist, and postcolonial perspectives. I revised all my syllabi to reflect the value of progressive social reform, innovation, and social justice. I also developed and taught Women’s Health, Health at the Margins, and Lesbian Health Matters, all courses that reflect social justice tenets. I highlight the importance of understanding politics, institutional and governmental infrastructure, and systematic racism in the US as part of nursing practice. I encourage deep self reflection to understand the oppressor within each of us and social activism to transform and heal the world.  As an affiliated faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies, I was Interim Chair of that Department in 2014 – 2015.

Protesting the war in Viet Nam – 1967 – Detroit, MI. While in high school very active in the Detroit Committee to End the War. A few later, the war unrelenting, I was arrested twice in one day in Ypsilanti, MI for protesting the same war.

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