Sue Hagedorn (1945 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II – 

  • Community and peace organizer before and after becoming a nurse
  • Early pediatric and women’s nurse practitioner with focus on adolescent

    Sue Hagedorn

    care and domestic violence

  • First comprehensive school-based high school health center  in Massachusetts
  • Dissertation about Activist Caring
  • Activist Caring published in ANS in 1995: “The politics of caring: The role of activism in primary care.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: More than 20 films about nursing and social justice
  • Co-organizer of the 2018 Nursing Activism Think Tank

More information here.

One thought on “Sue Hagedorn (1945 – )

  1. Sue is a treasured classmate from our master’s program at Boston College. Even then she was overturning people’s apple carts with her commitment to justice and the human race. Congrats on this honor, Sue!


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