Lillian Wald (1867-1940)

Inspiration for Activism!

  • Advocate for public health, children’s and women’s health and rights, and peace.
  • Began a visiting nurses’ service in 1883 and opened Henry Street Settlement to provide further assistance to poor people in 1885 and simultaneously lobbied to change socio-economic conditions that contributed to poor health.
  • Founded public health nursing, including school nursing and rural health programs.
  • Established Women’s Trade Union League in 1903 and lobbied for the Children’Bureau, which was established in 1912 to address child labour and welfare.
  • In 1914, led a march of 1000 women to protest World War I.
  • Published the book “The House on Henry Street” in 1915 – still available here.

More information here and here and here.

See information about the new 2018 book LILLIAN WALD : America’s Great Social and Healthcare Reformer by Paul M. Kaplan!

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