More important information – Nursing Activism Think Tank!

We  are thrilled and amazed at the response so far to our Nursing Think Tank invitation!  We initially envisioned a “small group” – perhaps a dozen!  But clearly, we were wrong!  So here is an update for everyone who is interested in this project, whether you can participate in person or not!  If you have not yet read through the initial invitation, please do before you read the rest of this post!  Also notice that there is a “Nursing Activism Think Tank” menu on the right sidebar of all NurseManifest pages, with links to everything related to this project!  Here are the latest tidbits, including how you can be involved if you can’t participate, and how to make sure you are all set to participate if you can!

  • We may need to limit the number of participants to about 50; once we reach that number we will develop a waiting list, with preliminary confirmation by May 1, and final confirmation by July 1.  If this is necessary, we will organize the “cut off” on a “first come” basis.
  • The way to get on the “participant list” is to complete the “Interest form.” This is not a “registration” in the traditional sense – it is what we say it is – your declaration of interest in attending and how certain you feel now about being able to be there!  There are several options to indicate how certain you are about being able to actually attend – so even if you have reservations about whether or not you can do this, but you are interested in doing so, send us your interest form as soon as possible.
  • We are inviting people who can to donate to a fund to help nurses who might not be able to participate without some financial assistance – so if you can donate, please do!  Of course we have a form for this, and you can use any major credit card.
  • If you want to participate but money is an issue, there is a place on the interest form to let us know!   We will divide up the donation fund among everyone who needs assistance, and will let everyone know how this is going to work out by May 1.  We are not “judging” financial need or merit – if you tell us you need assistance, you are on the list!
  • Speaking of “sponsorship” – we gratefully acknowledge the University of Amherst College of Nursing – they are generously providing the space for our gathering at no cost!  We will post more information about the exact location closer to the date, but rest assured that the College and the University will be a terrific site, and will do all they can to help us make this event a big success!
  • We will be sending periodic detailed information to everyone who indicates your interest – including information about the other people interested in participating in your region, so that you can arrange car pools or connect for any other reason.  For those arriving at either Hartford-Springfield or Boston Logan airport, we will facilitate transportation to Amherst; there may be a fee involved for this but we will help make this as affordable as possible.
  • Follow this blog to have updates delivered to your email inbox – and also to keep pace with the “Inspiration for Activism” series that we are posting between now and the end of July.  If you have a nurse activist to suggest, please use our form to send us the information we need.
  • Most important – still have questions? Let us know!  Use our contact form for the Nursing Activism Think Tank

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