Peace & Power Website – Updated and Expanded!

I am delighted to announce major expansions on the Peace & Power website!  In addition to updates of the content on the web, there is a new sidebar featuring links to PDF files of the “2018 Handbook” – a condensed version of the essential content that groups need to candle1consider as they implement Peace & Power ideals!  The full Handbook is available in addition to each of the chapters, so you can select just what you need and want! The Table of Contents of the new Handbook is shown below.  The handbook does not include the many examples and stories in the 8th edition, but many of these are on the website as sub-menus on selected pages.

I welcome contributions to the Peace & Power blog at any time!  Contact me to share your stories, ideas and questions – I promise I will respond!

Table of Contents

2 thoughts on “Peace & Power Website – Updated and Expanded!

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful resources!
    I am wondering if there are specific recommendations for how to implement the principles of peace & power in virtual settings, such as online teaching or web conferences.


    • Thanks Jane! The condensed handbook does include commentary about online groups! But this also needs some good discussion and ideas that come from experience online! So keep track of issues, examples, and question .. and we can post them here, then organize some content for the website!


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