Robin Cogan (1960 – )

Inspiration for Activism Part II – 

  • Blogger, writer and activist on The Relentless School Nurse
  • Founder of #SchoolNursesDemandAction
    • Nurses Demand Action is a grassroots movement of nurses from many disciplines that have joined together to bring attention to the public health crisis of gun violence. Nurses can use our leverage as the most trusted profession to frame complex social issues from a nursing perspective. The Parkland shootings have activated healthcare providers across the country to speak up, and out, about the public health epidemic of gun violence. Tackling this issue will take a multi-tiered, multi-sector approach and that includes the voices, talents, and leadership of nurses.
      • Develop common understanding and language among health and community groups, leaders, and sectors to greatly elevate violence as a health issue
      • Increase policies to support health approaches to violence prevention
      • Change practices to increase the utilization of health and community solutions to violence prevention
      • Examine opportunities for the health approach to advance racial and health equity
      • Develop additional multi-sector partnerships and coalitions to strengthen the Movement and its relationship to the efforts of related movements to support healthier, safer, more equitable outcomes for all communities.
  • Producer of podcasts and videos addressing issues of school safety and nursing activism
  • Guest Editorial in March-April issue of Nursing Economic$ titled “Why I Became a School Nurse Activist”
  • Co-Founder of the “Community Cafe Initiative”  – a grassroots collaboration has formed that includes the voices of families, community members, providers and school nurses