A Call to Conscience and Action . . .

  • To raise awareness,
  • To inspire action, and
  • To open discussion of issues that are vital to nursing and health care around the globe.

Grand unveiling of our new web site!

We have now merged our web site and blog into one!  Now you can participate, comment and contribute to this project anytime, anywhere!  Click through our various pages, and if you see something you want to comment on or talk about, just scroll to the “Share your ideas” section and let us hear from you!  And “follow” us to get the latest blog posts delivered to your email!

Actions and Events to Notice

Rebel Nurses 2013 conference!  This conference was held in September 2013 in rebel handsPhiladelphia, and planning is underway for another conference!  Watch their web site, and contact them if you want to be involved!  You can also read about the experience of the conference on Peggy Chinn’s blog!

Shown Below:

The NurseManifest project members who presented our 2002 study in Boulder, Colorado. for more information visit the 2002 Study page.

Presenting the 2002 study in Boulder, Colorado

Seated: Marlaine, Richard, Carey. Standing: Peggy, Elizabeth, Sue, Adeline

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